Drawing Attention

Matthew leaned against the window as his sister pulled out a book, presumably for that report she had been whining about. Of course, Memory flitted through the thick novel in a matter of minutes – casual skimming for their likes – and the boy had to fight the urge to scoff. She practically begs for the attention, and then wonders why everyone stares. Well obviously they will, when you show off at every chance you get!

He closed his eyes for the rest of the long bus ride, enjoying a short nap before being dragged off to the penitentiary school.

Well, make that really short. Before he could really be called ‘asleep,’ a sharp elbow caught his ribs. He blinked, glaring at Memory as his eyes re-focused.

“You were snoring!” she hissed, as if it completely mortified her.

“What’s it to you?” he drawled, almost slow enough to the point where their classmates could have understood their conversation.

Before she could reply, though, the bus’s brakes squealed once more, announcing their arrival.

Ah, school.

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