Simon's First Exorcism Part III: If It Knows Your Name, Run

“We’re too late,â€? The Priest muttered. “It’s already started to – to change her…â€?

I turned to The Priest and gave him a look that said STFU as I began to trace a chalk circle around the bed.

“Be cool,â€? I hissed. “We can’t look weak in front of the de-“

“Hello, Simon,â€? the girl said, her voice gravelly. Inhuman.

I spun back to the bed. “Hey Annie. But that’s not really you, is it?”

“No, it’s not. Annie’s not here right now, Simon.”

I swallowed hard, my throat dry. “How do you – how do you know me?â€?

“Oh, Simon, silly boy. Still playing at the games of gods,” Anzhela giggled, flashing her red knives. “We’ve always known you. And we’ve been expecting you.â€?

And that’s when I realized what that other scent was, the one that I couldn’t quite place, the one that stank worse than shit, that caught in the back of my throat and made me gag and want to run away. The odor that choked me, that was terrible and familiar at the same time; the stench that was coming off of that girl in waves?

That was fear.

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