The Dream

I inhaled deeply, the smell of salt water overpowering all other smells. I looked at the sunset, the sky colored pink and purple. I smiled, watching my feet, as I walked alongside the tide. Occasionally, my feet were submerged in water, but I didn’t mind. I was happy, so extremely happy. I looked to my right, and stared at his face. Those eyes, that smile..I felt so lucky at this moment. We walked for a few more minutes, before finally sitting down. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and felt his arms wrap around me. He placed one finger under my chin, tilting my head back ever so slowly. He kissed me for what felt like ages, and I kissed back fiercely. All too soon, he pulled away, smiling. “I love you,” he murmered. I placed my head back on his shoulder. “As I love you,” I told him. We sat together, watching the sun set over the horizon. Soon, my vision disapeared. I woke up with a gasp. It was only a dream. Only a dream. I lay back on my pillow, and cried myself to sleep.

Why couldn’t it be real?

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