In the bottom drawer of the jewelry box was a purple bag, inside of the bag was a three diamond neckless. I laid the neckless on top of the dresser and returned the bag to it’s place. With just a little luck I would replace the neckless tomorrow night while they were at bingo.

I closed the jewel box, picked up the neckless, and turned to go. There stood Deardra. She was in her pajamas, her hair was a mess, no make-up—she was beautiful.

“What are you doing in my house! and what are you doing with my mom’s neckless?”

I was astounded, “I…I, let me explain.” I walked toward her and she backed away.

“Oh, you’re gonna explain or I’m calling the cops,” she said, holding out a cell phone.

“Wait. Please don’t call them,” I pleaded.

I tried to think up a believable lie, but nothing came. Perhaps it was because she had been the object of my desire for so long: I don’t know why else, but I confessed to her.

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