Deardra in on the Scheme

As I talked we slowly moved into her bedroom. I told her of the diamonds and the daylight robberies, and how, to date, no one had seems to have missed their jewels. She seemed to grow more excited as I spoke.

Deardra had big tits for a 13 year old, and under her pajamas they rose and fell the more excited she became. I couldn’t take my eyes from them. I guess she noticed, because she said, “You want to see my breasts?”

Not trusting my voice, I nodded.

She said, “Will you show me your diamond collection if I show them to you?”

Again I nodded.

She took hold of the hem of her pajama top and pull it up to her chin. I was no connoisseur of tits, having only seen them in pictures, but her’s were beautiful and jutted straight out.

I asked, “Can I feel them?”

She giggled and quickly covered them. “After you show me your jewels—I’ll show you mine,” she teased.

“Ok,” I said, looking at my watch. It was getting time for her parents to return from their breakfast.

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