Rhythm of Existance

A strange feeling washed over me; it felt like my being was lifting from my body & floating above the floor. So this is what an out of body experience feels like.
“I” slipped under the crack of the unseen door, commanding a view of Lin’s master & Cricket, who was flat on his back, shackled, with a steady drip of water pulsing at his forehead. He was trying his best to be calm.
But an occasional twitch told “me” he couldn’t last too much longer.
“Oh, the beat of life, the rhythm of existence!” Lin’s master mused, smirking. “But any drum that’s beaten hard enough, long enough, is bound to crack. But which one will go first? It’d be preferable to have her go first, so as to get my hands on her price. Then I can further amuse myself with you.” His smirk spread into a horrid grin.
“It would do you good,” Cricket said in a collected voice, “to ease off of the metaphors; they’re terribly distracting.” Cricket could lose his sanity, & he was worrying about metaphors?
Lin’s master couldn’t believe it either.

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