From Mars to Earth

Eric had been staring at the ceiling ever since he could remember, which wasen’t a very long time. He didnt even remember waking up, but as soon as he realized that he was conscious, he sat bolt upright to view his odd surroundings.
He was in what looked like a small section of tubeing that was closed on both ends and just long enough for Eric to lay on the dirty bed protruding from the side of the tube. Above his head on the flat end of this cylindrical room was an empty I.V. hanging from a metal peg in the wall. The I.V. ran from the bag into his arm. This was the first he had noticed this, and being startled by it, he ripped it from his skin. It came out easily. Next his eyes found a metal hatch in the other end of the tube. All this was illuminated by a small electric light above the hatch.
Eager to get out of this tight space, Eric began rotating the wheel on the hatch with his bare feet. After a few full turns, the hatch swung open. Eric was startled to be staring down 5th Ave. New York,

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