Laughter in the Classroom

On the first day of class, an anxious Professor Algo dialed into the University of Madrid with the new Polycom video system. He was delighted when he saw the unmistakably large frame and thick glasses of Professor Comer appear on the projector. He waved once and began formal introductions, but there was no audio.

Laughter erupted from the classroom as the students watched the thick glasses of the jocular Prof. Comer come eye to eye with the camera lens. He smiled, tapped the lens with a large finger, and then shrugged his shoulders, mouthing something in Spanish.

Professor Algo was not so amused. He immediately reached for the phone to dial the University Help Desk. When the AV technician arrived at the scene, he saw Professor Comer waving to the class and mouthing unheard words. Reaching for the system remote control, he turned up the volume.

“¿Puede usted oírme ahora?â€? Professor Comer asked.

“Sí, gordo – ¿Puedo usar su teléfono?” Professor Algo said, rolling his eyes and looking down at his Mac.

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