A Day With Nikki

Yes, I know she’s completely oblivious, and yes I know things don’t well “Click” fast enough but a day with Nikki is a day like no other. The days of hanging out in her backyard dancing on the wall in the rain or playing red rover ( Yes we are in highschool ), Or tying me down to the leg of a ping pong table whilst singing “Disturbia”.
“Nikki what colors do you want to paint your room?” I asked.
“Green and Light Green!” She screamed.
“No!” hollered her mom from the kitchen.
“Sorry Lisa!” I replied.
Several random conversations later.
“God I hate school!” I said.
“You said you loved it last week.” replied Roni sarcasticly.
“I know i’m like bipolar.” I replied.
“Your a penguin!?” screamed Nikki.
“Wha…..You know what Nikki, yes i’m a penguin.” I said mockingly.
“Can you fly!” she said getting in my face.
“Penguins can’t fly!” Lisa yelled from the kitchen.
As you can see she isn’t the brightest but she is indeed a girl that is amazing to be around. Thus this ficlet has been written!

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