After Matt stormed from the room, I felt like breaking down into tears. Why can’t he see right through my lies? Or is he just stupid? I wiped at the few tears that escaped my eyes and put my head down on the table.

Feeling like I was about to start sobbing uncontrollable, I gathered all my books and rushed from the library. Running too fast, I ran right into someone, falling to the school’s tile floor.

He bent down to help pick up my books. It was Van.

When I realized it was him, I stood up quickly; trying to rush away but he grabbed my arm. “Hey there.â€? He said silently. “What’s wrong with you?â€?

“Nothing.â€? I sniffed. “Let go.â€? I tugged at his hand but he had a firm grip.

“You remember me, don’t ya?â€?

“Gotta go, Van.â€?

“Just left my boy back in class.” He said, shaking his head. “Man was a wreck. You got my boy sweatin’ you, huh?â€?

“Let me go!â€? I snapped loudly, pulling out of his grasp. “I don’t care about your boy and your boy don’t care about me! So just leave it at that!â€?

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