Glassy Realism

Rosa screamed, he slapped her.
“What do you want, why am I here?” she asked terrifyed.
“To….. you know what you’ll see.” said the director.
He laid her down in a glass box, her arms and legs still bound. He closed the box and closed to pad locks.
Rosa struggled and screamed but to no alas.
“Action.” said the director.
Rosa screamed and struggled, she kicked and threw herself into the walls of her box. Her struggles became less and less.
“Yes, that’s it struggle.” said the director.
Once again the fake laughter echoed throughout the wearhouse.
“Let me out! Please.” Rosa screamed, her voice muffled by the box.
“Aww but why stop so early darling, it would ruin…. the realism.” said the meanacing figure behind the camera.
“I can’t breathe!” Rosa screamed.
“Exactly.” he replied.
“Only a few more seconds…. minutes…. oh who knows how long, but this is fun isn’t it?” he added on.
After several minutes Rosa finally stopped moving.
“Cut and print…. excellent.” he said mockingly.

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