“A phone?â€?


I opened the stylish flip top; my eyes were immediately drawn to the red ‘no’ button, which had come out of place from being jammed too many times.

“Look – someone was angry,â€? I noted, gesturing to Ren.

“Huh? Can’t hear you!â€? he shouted, and then turned down the pounding music – the thrum of the stereo died away instantaneously. “Whew, what a relief. Tell me now.“

I told him about the phone, recalling the girl’s mother’s tears.

“Find her, please! Pam wouldn’t do anything to herself, I’m sure of it!â€?

My own mobile sent a vibration down my thigh as it bounced about in my pocket. I reached in and fished it out impatiently. I hit the receive button.

“What is it?â€?

“We found her. She’s at the bridge, Lieu.â€?

“We’ll be right there.â€? I gave Ren a serious look, nodding towards the door. “Just picked her up at the bridge.â€?

“Roger that. I’m driving!â€?

We stepped out of the house, bearing not only many hasty apologies, but a clue, too.

“One of my biggest work hammers is missing.â€?

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