A Bone to Pick

The troglodyte stared motionless into furious eyes, frozen in fear and disbelief, but Ahmad showed no sympathy to the hopless ghoul.
The thick chain swung like a wrecking ball at the end of Ahmad’s thick arm, and caught its target just below the shoulder. A satisfying crunch sent the ghoul to the floor and piercing screams from its slobbering mouth. The ansewer to these calls came from a stone corridor behind him, and by the sound of it, it was time to act.
Ahmad scanned the walls for an exit, but the only way from this cavernous prison was through the corridor from which the loud snarls and growls echoed, steadliy growing louder.
“Your going to be needing my help,” called a low voice from the ceiling. “But first i’ll need yours. Get me something hard to pry this cage open.”
Ahmad nodded in compliance, and began digging through the heaps of rotting limbs until he found the femur bone of a half eatin corpse. He tossed it up to the man above who readily got to work as a horde of inraged trogs poured in.

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