Conclusion [Change This Story Challenge]

“How can you possibly know anything? You don’t even understand.”

“And you all seem to say the same things,” I replied smoothly. “Do you even know how many attempted suicides I see every day? Did you stop to think about the repercussions of your actions?”

This time, I made her flinch fully.

I narrowed my eyes at her, choosing my words carefully.

“What about your mother, Pam? What about your father? They were so worried that they even called the police. What about your life? What about your friends?”

“Okay, okay, stop!” Pam screeched, trying to cover her ears. “I get it, I get it!” Tears started coursing down her face, and I made a subtle hint for Officer Howe to let her go.

“Hey, Pam…” I muttered when I was close enough. I gave her a small smile. “There are lots of douche bags out there. You gotta learn to deal with ‘em.”

She sent a toxic glare in my direction. I patted her head in response, infuriating her further.

“Go home, kid.”

More glaring.

Ah, well. She’ll thank me, one day.

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