Arsonist's Surprise

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself with Wendy off alone on this errand for my brother. Marcus went to his office and shut the door for a while. I decided to see how many channels Marcus got on his dish.

About lunch time he emerged and grabbed some food. I wandered into the kitchen.
“You lost without Wendy?” he teased.
“Nah. It’s nice to not have to care for her all the time.” I lied.
“You know. I think she’s dragging you down. I think if you ditch her, you could do great things!”
I frowned at him.
“Think about it!” He left.

I took my sandwich to the couch and flopped down to watch reruns of Bonanza. They were saving kidnapped ladies and shootin’ at the bad guys. It sort of made me wonder about Wendy.

I thought about what Marcus had said. She was scary at times, and yet life with her around wasn’t boring. I began to wonder about her coming back.

At dinner time I was really worried. Marcus came in.
“Wendy’s not back.”
“Yeah, about that,” Marcus’s tone was disconcerting, “I’ve taken care of her.”

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