On a beach in a quiet tropical cove, Frank Caldwell took off his sandals and walked barefoot. With every step, the sand between his toes began to melt the giant block of stress inside his chest. Here, again, was paradise.

On a volcanic island many miles away, a section of hillside broke free and slid down into the water, shoving a wave of tremendous energy out across the sea.

On the beach, Frank Caldwell sat down and leaned back against his hands. He closed his eyes and listened to gulls he had not seen.

In the open ocean, the massive wave barely registered as a ripple in the water.

On the beach, Frank Caldwell gazed quietly out at the world for the last time. The sunshine embraced him in warm serenity.

When the wave came up onto the beach, it was so strong as to be incredible, and so swift as to be inescapable. As it took him, Frank Caldwell was not overcome with fear, or despair, but merely the thought: what a long way we’ve both come to meet our end here together.

Then Frank, and the wave, were gone.

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