By the Lake

The brilliant bleeding colors of the sunset spilled over the lake water before me. The chilling breeze swept back little ringlets of my hair. I sipped my tea, but barely tasted it. I was suprised about how much I enjoyed being alone,away from the real world. I was calm, not happy nor sad Just so calm.
As I sat in my veranda, listening only to the songs of the evening birds I looked at the setting sun. It was so beautiful, so proud. It reminded me of Robin. How his eyes glimmered like the sun’s rays and his touch was always so warm and comforting.
I sighed and placed my cooling tea down. My eyes caught my reflection on the black liquad. The sorrow in my bright eyes caught me off gaurd. Such deep emotion from my eyes made my heart stop. I was heart broken I knew it was true. And I didn’t have any idea how I was to marry Redley in May.

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