Booboo the Bear

“That’s Booboo, remember?â€? Lyn reached out and snatched the bear from Alison’s loose grip. An eye was missing, stuffing coming out in places from torn seams, denim overalls faded with age, but it was definitely Booboo.

“What the hell is a Booboo?â€? Alison coughed, covering her mouth and nose with her arm. The white T-shirt she wore was covered in dust and dirt, her green jacket tied around her waist due to the heat.

“You could say he’s a legacy.â€? Lyn smiled thoughtfully, stroking the bear’s soft fur and tapping her index finger against its cool black leather nose. “Dominic bought this for Alex when she was born, after Blytz came he got him, then when you were two he was yours.â€? She sighed nostalgically. “You used to drag this thing around everywhere. You never him out of your sight.â€?

Lyn giggled. “I can remember you not wanting to give it up after Kira was born, but you eventually gave in. After Kira he was Chiyo’s and somehow it wound up back here.â€?

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