Paybacks Aren't for the Timid

With her head on my arm, we lay without talking for quite some time: just watching the candles flicker. the dugout was warm now, and I was sleepy. I wished I had a buddy to tell about this, but I’d always been a loner.

Suddenly, Deardra jumped up and quickly slipped into her pajamas. “I gotta get home,” she said
I pulled on my jeans, watching her squirm into her pj top.

She held out her hand, “Give me the jewels.”

“How many do you want?” I asked, picking up the can.

She grabbed the tin from my hands. “I want them all.”

“Oh, no. You can have a few,” I said grasping for the can.

“I told you this was gonna cost you. I’m taking these and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

I lunged for the can and she slapped my face.
She moved back to the ladder, held out her hand like a traffic cop and said. “I’m taking these. You can always steal more. And, if you try to stop me, I’ll tell my folks you raped me.”

With that said, she turned and climbed the ladder.

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