I began preparing myself for Christy’s masquerade party. I, with the help of Karmendy, got my corset all tied together and stepped into my dress. It was of black and dark green satin. And my mask was silver with elegant swirls drawn along it.

Strange, a couple of months before I was so excited to wear these things to Christy’s party. Now I wish all these extravegent things could just disappear and Christy wasn’t having any sort of party. Lately, the sound of “party” and “enjoyment” are like…like hell.

But Christy is my best friend, and nothing was going to change that. So I suffered.

I suffered Redley’s arm tightly around my waist from the very beginning of the party, walking in talking around to all sorts of people.

But as it got more later into the party, Redley’s grip lessened more and more with each drink he had.

Soon I was sitting on a chair by myself with my head sitting on the top of my hands as Redley sat at the bar drinking nonstop.

I was a pretty sacrifical friend here.

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