New Notch

Lyn hugged it close to her chest, her green eyes sparkling softly behind her glasses. “And when the baby comes, it’ll belong to him or her.â€? She laughed quietly. “Of course, somehow Patty and I are going to have to figure out how to share it between this one and her and Dominic’s new addition.â€?

Alison stared at her mother blankly for a moment. “Wow, Mom…you really need to get a life if you remember all that.â€? Lyn rolled her eyes and carefully set Booboo down on one of the boxes with a heavy sigh.

“Ally, when you’re a mom, you’ll understand.â€? She paused and said quickly before the teenager could reply. “I want mint ice cream.â€? Lyn hurried out of the attic.

Alison eyed the bear warily. “Legacy, huh?â€? Rolling her eyes, she started for the stairs but stopped, glancing back at the toy. She reached out and grabbed the bear, hugging it close to her chest in a child-like manner.

She stalked downstairs, ready to throw Booboo into the washing machine and get it ready for the next notch of the legacy.

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