Matt Listens to Van

I was leaning over, checking the oil dipstick, when Van clapped me on the shoulder.
He said, “You aughta get rid of this beater; get a good car.”

“Great idea, but with what, my good looks?” I slammed down the hood.

“I ran into your girl, Gail, today,” Van said.

“She ain’t my girl, and hasn’t been for years. You want a ride?”
“No. I gotta meet Zane at the ball field. You know, there reallys is something going on with Gail.”

I shook my head, “And you know this because?”

“I told her you had the hots for her and she teared up.”

The beater door squawked in protest as I opened it. “Why would you tell her that? Her and I are done, over, finished. You get it?”

“Seriously, Matt, something is going on with that girl. I don’t know what, or why she’s giving you the cold treatment. But if you really care for her don’t give up so easily.”

“Van, I love you like a brother, but even I figured out that she just pretended not to know me that first day. I gotta go. See ya.”

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