Burial of Deardra

I went over all the options I had. None of them were good. Finally, I knew what I had to do, I had to bury her in the dugout.

I cautiously climbed out of the dugout. This was no time to get seen. I made my way to our shed. There, I took the shovel down from the wall, looked around, and at the last moment put the small roll of heavy clear plastic under my arm. I hustled back to the dugout.

Back inside the dugout, I lighted a Colman Lantern. In the white light, I started to dig. I was sweating within minutes. I removed my t-shirt. When I was down three feet, I stopped and climbed out.

I stripped Deardra of her pajamas, then spread out the clear plastic. I rolled her nude body onto the plastic and closed it over her. My hands were wet with sweat making dragging her to the grave difficult. As gently as I could, I lowered her. My eyes blurred with tears, and I said a short prayer over her.
I could still see her eyes beneath the plastic looking up at me, accusing me.

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