She hangs up the phone as tears stain her face. Once again he has proved her wrong. Lying is was he is best at and breaking promises is next.

She stood staring and staring back at her was a familiar girl, but she had changed. Her face screamed hurt and her heart was out on her sleeve slowly breaking away. Why did this familiar face look so sad?

She remembered when that face was so happy and bright. When life was good for the girl staring at her. She thought why is the putting herself through this? Then she remembered a four letter word LOVE She then remembered what love can make you do. When your in love you deal with crazy things.

She tries to reach out to the girl to comfort her but all the girl does is mimic her. A phone rings…its him. She falls back into reality and takes one good look back at the girl…
“Baby I’m sorry forgive me but u made me be mean I LOVE you. ”
” I forgive you..”

... and she realizes the girl is She

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