Journal Of A Gay Teen

10-23-08 “Journal # 67”

“God again i’m checking out Jacob.” I thought to myself.He’s just sitting there in front of me. How many people noticed me checking him out? God, like it matters they all know i’m gay, well I never said but if you had to mind of a five year old you could figure it out. Some people hated me with a passion for it, some people accepted it and some people didn’t know what to think. I’ve been beat up for it since what? 7th grade, when I told my closest friend who turned out to not be so close and only my friend to find out things about me and report it to his friends and everyone else. God, I hate some people, they just don’t understand being gay like I don’t understand being straight. They think cause i’m gay i’m not human thus it’s ok to jump me and ridicule me endlessly. I’m not gonna let it get to me. I could assemble some gay guys and beat up straight guys for being… well.. straight? It just sounds retarted. I’m done for today. I’m tired and gonna go eat the last cupcake now.

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