We were sitting on my bed when he noticed my eyes were glistening, wet with tears. He moved his fingers close to my cheek, but didn’t touch it. My skin tingled where his fingers should have brushed my skin lightly.

This caused my tears to spill over. I saw his face turn to a grimace as he saw my pain. I knew it was killing him that he could do nothing.

“It’ll be alright, Sweetie.” I heard him whisper.

“When?” I cried. The pain in my chest was growing more and more unbearable.

I saw pain displayed clearly across his face. He was hurting just as bad, if not worse, then me. I shook my head. All I wanted needed was to be near him. It was the only thing that would stop this constant pain in my chest.

I reached out, hoping to wrap my arms around him. But as I got close, he disappeared, my arms closing around thin air. I knew it would happen, because he wasn’t really there… He was hundreds of miles away… far enough that it was possible I may never see him…

And that thought nearly killed me.

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