Don't you just love the silence of the night?

Do I listen to everyone’s thoughts?

No way. That is called invasion of privacy, which is rude and everything.

Ok, so I listen to most people’s thoughts. I’m a bit on the nosy side.

But the one that I usually stay out of, for personal reasons, is my boyfriend, Rory.

So as I sat with him on my swing in the night, snuggling closer towards his warmth, I stared up at the night sky. The night sky was so graceful, so peaceful…so silent.

“I love this so much…it’s so silent.” Rory murmered to me.
I laughed, “You have no idea,”
“Aww tell me.”
This was around the time I decided to listen to Rory’s thoughts. Hmm…I wonder what it is she’s so uncomfortable with telling me.
“Well…” I began. Yes! I’m sooo curious now!
“I’ll tell you eventually,” I turned to face him and winked. Aww, she’s making me wait? “The devious one aren’t you?” He asked with a smile.
“Yes. Yes I am.”
“Aww.” I love you anyway.
“I know you do.”
“Nothing. Let’s just go back to silence.”

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