The Coverup Begins

I shoveled up her blood, she had bled profusely, I dumped it in the grave. Her coat had blood on it, but it had protected he pj’s. I knelt down, and used her coat to covered her face.

I gathered up all the gem stones I could find; I was short two. I dumped them in the jar with the bogus stones.The milkman uniform went into the grave along with the bottles, and my jewelry kit.

I had very little time before they started combing the area for her. With the exception of the gems, everything that was connected to the crime went into the grave. I set her pajamas to the side. Working on the edge of panic, I feverishly covered the body. Finally I was done, the dugout looked as it had before. I tamped down the dirt.

My family ate dinner at six, and it was 5:10 when I climbed out of the dugout. I returned the plastic tarp and the shovel to the shed. I slipped into the house, up the stairs and into the shower.

At the dinner table, I found I couldn’t swallow my food. I begged off and went to my room.

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