When a Telepathic Flips Out, People get Hurt

“Anyway, I want you to learn how no one cares about whatever problems you have because that’s all you do: complain. NO ONE LIKES YOU BECAUSE YOU ’RE SO DAMN OBSESSED WITH PERFECTION !” I screamed.

And I wasn’t done. I faced Karen, “And you. Why are you so damn jealous about my friendship with Dale?! It doesn’t matter. And nothing’s gonna change if you like him, because he doesn’t like you back. And heck, why don’t I add on that he won’t EVER like you because he’s gay!”

As soon as I said that I covered my mouth in surprise. i vowed to never say that aloud, Dale being gay. I whirled around, “Dale I’m so sorry. I didn’t-”
“How did you know?” He looked up at me with sad eyes before shaking his head, “It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how everyone now knows.” And then Dale got up and ran off. “Oh no.” I said to myself.

I told you to calm down. Kaleigh hissed.

“I know you did Kaleigh. I should have listened to you.” And then I ran off in the middle of class to find Dale.

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