Journal Of A Gay Teen : Day 2

10-24-08 “Journal # 68”
I walked down the hallway like every other day. It was fine until I tripped over something, or more likely a leg. I lay on the floor of the hallway listening to the snikkers and thought about just staying down.
“No” I said to myself, and picked myself up. Once up I turned around to find the person. It was Josh, a major football jock with two to three slutty girls on his arm everyday.
“You tripped me.” I said.
“And?” he snorted.
“I think I deserve an apology.” I said confidently.
“What a fag.” he said turning away.
At that point I grabbed the back of his fuzzy little brunette head and slammed it into a locker, not once but three times. I let go and continued my walk to my locker. I slowly did the conbonation, I felt everyone staring at me. I didn’t need to turn around. The whispers then the talking and finally the hallway was filled with it’s usual noise.
I turned and nearly hit Jacob who was standing there.
“Hey.” he said.
“You scared me.” I replied.

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