Emt, unlike Maryphe, did not care what he looked like. He threw on whatever he found first, which happened to be a yellow tunic. Emt had no patience at all, and so, he strode out the back door without stopping for breakfast. Just enough time to tell his parents and the rest of his family where he would be (which was partly a lie), and time to grab those two buns fresh from the oven he had been longing for.
Emt hopped on Lilth and flew down the cobbled streets, making a racket. Through the market, only stopping to say hello to a poor ragged boy on the street, whom he gave one of his rolls to, off the stone streets, and onto the dirt ones. Through the forest, to the very center, which gave way to a clearing. Not any clearing. A special clearing. Where Emt had met his true love.

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