Journal Of A Gay Teen : Day 2, Part 2

10-24-08 “Journal # 69”
I was walking after school and on my regular route I pass the football lockerrooms. I forgot that I bashed the quarter back’s face in. This would prove to determine what would happen in the next few minutes. I should’ve known something was wrong when they went silent. I then remembered what had happened, but it was too late now. Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me into the lockerroom.
“Faggot.” someone called.
The pulled at my clothes and kicked me while I was on the floor of the lockerroom. Someone shoved a dirty jockstrap in my mouth. They all laughed. A small cease fire in the beating gave me the oppertunity to grab a pair of shoulder guards on the floor under a bench and swing it. I took out some legs and that gave me just enough time to get up and run. I made it outside and kept running, I didn’t stop until I was at least three bus stops away from my school. Tears streaming down my face. I put pressure on the gash in my arm from the bottom of someone’s cleat.

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