Coverup Continues

I lay on my bed, my hands under my head, and stared at the ceiling. Why, why, why? Why did I go to Thomas’, why didn’t Deardra go to church, why did she want the diamonds.
Why’s with no answers.

I set my radio alarm for 11:00pm. I kicked off my shoes and tried to sleep, but just dozed. At quarter to eleven I was up and moving. From the closet I got my dark blue hoodie and in my bottom dresser drawer a pair of black gloves. My jeans were dark enough, and my white Nike’s would just have to do.

I tip-toed down the stairs, through the kitchen, and out the back door. Once away from the house I turned on my pen light to light my way to the dugout. The field was covered with mesquite brambles. I covered the pen light with my hand, letting out just enough light to guide me.

I removed the hatch, and quickly entered the dugout. A lot of things needed to be taken out of there, but first and foremost was Deardra’s pj’s. I scooped them up and stuffed them under my hoodie. I climbed out of the dugout

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