Forgiven thanks to a neon lucky scarf

I listened throughout the halls for the familiar voice of Dale’s. He had to be around here somewhere….

How could Bree do that? Why would she? How did she know anyway? Am I that obvious?

Ah-ha! He was just…sitting in a hallway. Weird.

When I found the hallway he was in I rushed towards him. “Dale! I’m sososososo sorry.” He looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

I hated watching people cry. It made me feel depressed along with….what the hell was that in his lap? Sitting there was what appeared to be a neon green…scarf? I was about to ask about it but I decided not. “How?” Dale asked, “How did you know? Tell me.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t tell him my secret. I tried to come up with a lie as fast as possible. “Well-I-I saw that scarf of yours there. And put two and two together…”

Makes sense.

He smiled, “It’s my lucky scarf.”
“So I’m forgiven?”
Dale fiddled with his scarf for a bit, “Yeah you are. Can’t stay made at you forever Bree.”

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