Isabelle Part 12- Who's Iory?

Emtt stood up. “You’re destined to live like us. The first to cross over, although it does seem fit… I just can’t believe I found you. Me waiting all these decades while everyone else forgot…â€?
Emtt started blabbering, but something Emtt had said struck Isabelle. “Did you say decades? Exactly how old are you?â€? Emt tonly looked sixteen.
“Oh. I’m not sure you’ll believe me. But if you want me to tell…â€? Emtt shrugged. “I don’t see why not. I’m two hundred twelve. Magical time for a boy, two hundred twelve. Best year of my life so far. And you’ve just really made it special, uh… Izzabelle,â€?
Isabelle rubbed her eyes. This was not happening. She must be going delusional. She must be. Because this couldn’t be happening. It’s not happening… It’s not… Isabelle scolded herself. She looked up. If this was happening, she at least wanted to set one thing straight.
“My name’s not Iory. It’s Isabelle.â€?
Emtt chuckled. “You’re name’s Iory. You just don’t know it yet,â€?

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