Isabelle Part 14- Wonderful Dreamer

“What? I don’t hear anyone coming,â€? Isabelle strained to hear some sort of sound, but she couldn’t hear a thing.
“We on this side can hear much better than you mortals. He’s not alone. He rides with others,â€? Emtt’s eyebrows bunched in concentration. “Fifteen men. All on horseback.â€?
“I’ll explain later! Put on the-â€?
“OK, alright, enough already,â€? Emtt turned away as Isabelle stepped out of her jeans and pulled on the loose capris. She pulled her baggy white tee-shirt over her head and slipped on the golden shirt. The clothing was light and silky smooth and felt wonderful against her chest and thighs. Emtt handed her a leather string and with difficulty she pulled her hair into a loose bun at the top of her head. Isabelle puffed away some loose curls from her eyes as she tried to tie up the corset.

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