Isabelle Part 15- The Sword Fairy

“Can ya help me with this thing?â€? Emtt laughed and stood in front of Isabelle, tying up the corset tightly. Isabelle looked down, trying to remember what he did. It was fascinating how the slight leather strings twisted and turned to make a beautiful criss cross pattern across her stomach.
The last thing Emtt gave her was a sword about a foot and a half long. It’s handle was smoothed hickory wood that shone in the light. There was an intricate design of a beautiful fairy queen. She had curly hair that twisted around her body and a beautiful short dress that hung loosely around her body. She, like Isabelle, wore a corset. And something struck her about this fairy woman. She seemed… familiar. But no. Isabelle shook her head as if to erase her thoughts. She looked up. Emtt was watched her intently. His dark eyes bore into her, and she was the one who looked away.
“Put this on,â€? Emtt handed her a leather belt that held a sheathe where her sword went. Isabelle buckled it on and slipped her sword into it.

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