The Freshman

They made fun of me every day at school. Someone sprayed, Nick is Gay on the brickwall in the schoolyard. Everyone knew it was about me.

I tried to pretend it didn’t bother me.
There was one boy Seth, whom I had a huge crush on since 7th grade, who treated me descent. Looking back I think he may have liked me as much as I liked him, but he was too afraid of what others would say and do. The incident of the spray painted mockery of me was just the beginning of the touture that I endured. Seth knew about it, so I’m sure that is why he was both sympathetic to me and wary to come out as I did.
The most horrendous day of freshman year was when a group of haters dragged me into the locker rooms, stripped me naked and shaved my balls. I wriggled around so much I had cuts all over. My underwear had blood on it when I got home so I threw them out. I was sore all over, I had bruises all over from the rough way they held me down.

Secretly I think they enjoyed it.

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