Essie Miracle Overview (Character Challenge)

One of the protagonists is a girl named Essie Miracle. She is a very thoughtful,creative,inquisitive, intelligent girl.Essie is small for her age,yet very beautiful.Her light brown hair has many tones,and it is medium length and somewhat wavy.She had large,innocent blue eyes that also have hints of green.If you look close enough,on a sunny day,her eyes reflect almost every color of the rainbow.She lives with her father in the quiet,sheltered,quaint town of Pleasantville, Indiana.Essie was adopted.She was born a premature baby,and she was mysteriously left in a room at Pleasantville Nurturing Hospital.She had no trace of who her real parents were.She was wrapped up in a blanket,along with a note.It said: “Please take care of Essie,God’s little miracle.” As much as she enjoys her days of happiness,she knows that something makes her life different;aside from the fact that she is adopted.Could it be her father? As she learns to embrace the residing dreams, she learns that love knows no bounds.

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