Journal Of A Gay Teen : Day 3

10-25-08 “Journal # 70”

I walked into school today, I felt everyone look at me. It went quiet almost instantly like everyone disappered. That would have been nice at the moment. I walked down the hall still holding my confidence. As I was walking I was hit in the back of the head, I went down…. hard. The last thing I saw was Jacob jumping on Derek ( the football jock who hit me ) and puching him while other jocks tried to get him off. They couldn’t.
I woke up staring at the celling of the bathroom, Jacob standing over me. I asked what happened. He said the assholes happened and it won’t happen again. Just then he leaned in for a kiss. I was shocked, happy, confused and disorented at the same time. He leaned away and helped me up.
“You alright?” he asked.
“Yea, I guess.. what hit me?” I asked.
“A combonation lock.” he replied.
I then wanted to seriously kill Derek. I was filled with rage, but then I realized. If I do what he wants me to do, it’ll just be an endless cycle of pain. So homeroom it was.

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