They Called Me Crazy [c2]

Everything was just right. If he didn’t screw this up, he’d make history.
“They’d called me nuts,” he muttered to himself, wringing his thin bony hands. “We’ll see who’s nuts!”
His thin, dark frame nearly shook with excitement. He ran his fingers through his midnight hair, his electric blue eyes shone with excitement.
He glanced over pages & pages his crammed, meticulously scratched notes once more. “Don’t want to screw this up.”
He was in his element, with the elements. His bright, intelligent face, offset by the hungry eyes.
Satisfied, he took out the pellet, muttered a quick prayer, & dropped it into the solution.
It fizzed.
It jumped.
It frothed.
It stopped.
His eyes widened in shock as it began to shake, rattle, & glow.
In the right context, this would’ve been the moment he’d cackled in vengence.
But he had self-control. He merely folded his hands behind his back, & smirked in self-satisfaction.
“And they called me the crazy one,” he muttered. “Who are the crazy ones now? Who’s crazy now?”

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