Journal Of A Gay Teen : Day 4

10-26-08 “Journal # 71”

Still in shock of Jacob’s kiss, I sat through Algebra. He sat behind me, and I couldn’t see what he was doing. Andrea, who was furiously fixing her hair in her mirror a row over and a seat up from me, was clueless to anything. I looked in the mirror and to the back and saw Jacob. His black hair resting on his forhead. He looked into the mirror. I tried to hide the fact that I was looking. He lowered his gaze back down to his book, he grinned and began to scribble in his book. I felt my face blush. Andrea was still clueless as to me and Jacob’s communication through her mirror. She clapped it closed. Now her gaze looked at Derek who was flexing his muscles, and pretending not to notice that almost every girl in the class was straing at him, Except for Charlene which surprised me. Mr.Branning was still writing an equation on the board, but no one was paying attention. Andrea opened her mirror again, I looked and saw Jacob. He was texting someone. I wanted to know who.

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