Journal Of A Gay Teen : Day 4 : Part 2

The bell rang, I jumped up threw my books into my bag and walked out the door. I fumbled at my locker. I grabbed my others and slammed my locker to reveal Jacob standing on the other side. I almost jumped back.
“Were you running from me?” He asked sarcasticaly.
“I don’t know maybe.” I said.
He kissed me, in a full hallway. It all got silent. I went along with the kiss, loving every second of it. I could feel all eyes on us. I didn’t care, I liked it. We pulled away, and I turned to face all the people looking at us.
“You all have things to do, nothing to see here, move along..Now.” I said.
The normal noise was restored granted most of it was about me and Jacob. I closed my locker and said bye to Jacob and was on my way to English. On my way I met up with Charlene who was on her way to her class.
“That was awesome.” she said.
“I was just being who I am.”
We laughed and seperated. On my way to English I saw Ricky the football captain, in the bathroom crying… I walked in.

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