Fate Unknown

“Are you coming or not? We could use an eye like yours!” The regiment leader threw his open hand towards me from atop the gun boat. The sound of kaltorian rifles echoing through the canyon made every moment last forever, but the leaders voice boomed at me agian. “Yes or no kid, we have to go!”
“Ya, I’m in!” He pull me up the side of the hovering gun boat and introduced me to the rest of the pack.
“Everyone, this is Andrews, he’ll be manning the starboard chain gun. This is his first time on the battlefield so give him a hand,” a few soldiers rolled there eyes. “This here is yours,” the leader said as he pointed out a chain gun turret at the front of the ship.
I layed down like the other 13 gunners and wrapped my hands around the trigger handle. The leader then typed in the coordinates, picked up his rifle, and gave us his last order, “Your guns are locked in safety until we get past our lines, we’ll then do a semi-circle through enemy grounds. Keeps your heads low!” The engines roared, we were off.

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