Maya Kairn

Maya Kairn lives in apartment 41-B, which is across the hall from 40-B, which currently houses a murderer, a laundromat owner and an aspiring writer, respectively.

She often wonders about the goings-on of her neighbors; sometimes, she makes rather naive guesses. Perhaps the said murderer is simply eccentric; perhaps old Mrs. Partridge rambles incoherently because she enjoys it.

In the early hours of the morning, or the late hours of night, Maya lays back on her bed and wonders where her life has gone. She is only 23, having dropped out of college. She hasn’t spoken to her parents since she ran away to live with her aunt at 19.

Maya’s boyfriend is named Craig- however, he has recently taken to being called “C”. He refuses to answer to anything else, and blows up at Maya whenever she slips up.

Maybe someday, she’ll stop pondering and take action. One of these days, she might just stand up for herself. Until then, Maya continues on with her life, guessing, wondering, backing down.

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