This was going perfectly: We tracked the mic reciever, we reapprehended Lily & word was they’d found her brother or an accomplice.
Whilst in my reverie, Lily was shackled, with some difficulty, to the wall, her forearms in a straight line with her shoulders, elbows bent.
“Well, dear cousin, no propositions from you, eh?” I asked complacently. She just looked at me, half furious, half frightened. I sauntered over to her, allowing my smirk to spread.
What’s she thinking? I mused, glancing at her. “I have to think of the conditions of release when we capture him.”
She shot me a look that I read to mean, You mean if you catch him.
“Oh no, I mean ‘when’ we capture dear Ezra. How about: tell us what we want to know, he’ll have his dear sister. If not, well…”
I let the proposition hang in the air, trying to restrain a snicker.
“My Premire! We’ve captured Ezra!”
My smirk became an all-out grin. “I’ll be right back,” I said, turning my back on a petrified Lily.
I had some negotiations to take care of.

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