If You Haven't Read This Book, You Need To.

You know how it goes.
You miss because of sports.
You miss because of school-work.
There’s always an excuse.
But it’s okay. God will forgive you. Just get there when you can. Okay? Okay.

But day after day, you feel more and more disconnected from Him. That prayer that you pray right before you drift off to sleep is more of a burden, now.

Your bible lays on your bedside table, unopened for weeks. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll read it during the weekend.
It’s still there.

But if we don’t find time to fit him into our schedule, how can we expect that He’ll have the time to fit us into his?

“If you deny me before your friends I will deny you in front my my Father.”
—Matthew 10:33

Today, I read She Said Yes by Misty Bernall.
Cover to cover. It took me a few hours. But I loved it.
I kept getting distracted, but I didn’t zone; God showed me what he wants to do in my life.

And what I should do to live for him.

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