The Accident

“Ah, for crying out loud, dad: couldn’t this painting wait until next weekend? I gotta get my Vette cleaned for the prom tonight.”

“Son, just work fast, you’ll have the porch done in a couple of hours, then you can do your thing. I’ve got to go pickup your mom, I’ll be back to help you in an hour.”

I hated to paint, but for the extra cash dad was going to pay me, I had to do it. I extended the ladder to it’s maximum length so I could paint the peak over the steps. I painted from the peak down, and the job got wider as I went. The sides were almost out of my reach. I stretched out to get the last little spot, when I heard the ladder screech on the sidewalk.That’s the last thing I remember.

I awoke in bed. A funny looking clock radio showed 6PM. “Damn,” I thought, I gotta get moving. I was suppose to pick up Demi at 7PM. I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. “Whoa,” The bathroom looked brand new, everything was shiny and clean. I dried off, admiring the looks of the bathroom.

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