What's happening?

As mom left the room, it dawned on me that she was wearing a dress. A dress. Except at weddings, I’ve never seen my mom in a dress. And it was an ugly dress, something like Lucy, of the old, I Love Lucy show, would wear.

I looked at the white flannel suit mom had laid on the bed. I’m not wearing that _ I thought. I took everything out of my closet. No blue suit. “Crap,” I said aloud. If I wanted to go to the dance, it looked like I’d be wearing this suit after all. The suit fit perfectly, but it only had one button hole and two buttons. _A spare button sewed to the inside of the other button?”

I went through my ties. What the hell is going on? all my ties were only about 2 inches wide. Once dressed, I looked in the mirror. Oh, my god, I’m going to look like I’m going to a halloween party.

I walked into the living room where mom and dad were watching TV. “Ta Tah,” I said, holding my arms out. “Well don’t you look spiffy.” Mom said.

Dad held up is hand in the old fashion ‘ok’ sign.

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