Forever A Secret

Sigh There he is. So sweet, so hansome. I let my fingers trail over his smooth face. His gentle brown eyes look back at me. My brain seems to melt, my heart flutters in my chest.
So beautiful I whisper.
“Did u say something?”
I snap my head up. I’m sitting at the lunch table. My friend sits beside me. Then I spot him and my heart completely breaks. He runs his hands through her hair and whispers in her ear. I grit my teeth and bite into an apple. I can’t stand watching their little commerces. They’re secret words and sweet gestures. I long for his love more then anything. But I could never betray my love, for my friend matters to me so much. Yet the pain still pulls at my poor heart and I wish to let it all go. My secret looms over me, like a deadly shadow.It stalks at me, closing in on me till I can barely breathe.

It’s my secret, It’s mine forever.

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